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Hair Care at Home. How to look after the hair. Beauty and health of hair
Hair is a rim of beauty that emphasizes her or, if necessary, concealing flaws. Therefore, the hair needs daily care and care. Often, the condition of the hair depends on the general state of health. Most notably, this spring, when the body is tired and lack vitamins, then the hassle with hair is required more than twice. After leave, if you were prudent and did not expose your hair to excessive sun exposure, they become soft, shiny, easy to fit. But this does not mean that you should neglect daily hair care or periodic therapeutic and restorative procedures.
Manufacturers of therapeutic cosmetics are constantly working on creating new formulas and recipes, about which we regularly and informs TV commercials. It sometimes looks convincing, and we, though with fluctuations, still buy the recommended product and start experimenting.

But for some reason, the results are often puzzling, and sometimes disappointing. The desired sparkling ash tone on the package suddenly turns into an incredible blue-green on its own head. And if it was possible to achieve the desired result, then after two weeks on the hair remains a shade, little resembling the juicy original color. The hair does not flow with curls, but they lie in dead packs. Trouble-free doubts about the sincerity of the advertising cinema and the suspicion that in fact their hair was painted in an expensive beauty salon with very different colors, they gain a visible confirmation. Depressed by the sad experience women go to the beauty salon to get hair is not worse than a movie star on this link Blog Hairtoolexpert
To color hair qualitatively means to get the color of hair that was planned, to preserve the structure of hair as much as possible, its elasticity, luster and elasticity. It is very difficult to do: the master must take into account the numerous individual features of your hair — their original color, the state of health at the time of painting, etc. By virtue of whether you can independently evaluate your hair, and then correctly select the composition of the paint? Alas, I have to admit that it is far from always. Special knowledge is required, including the colouristic, which has only the specially trained master in famous beauty salons. And, of course, professional high-quality cosmetics are needed. The compositions of beauty products on the shelves of the shops are chemically generalized and practically do not contain useful components. It makes them accessible and creates the insidious illusion of ease of choice. But to look after you there is not the average statistic, but for your beloved and not always healthy hair.
Hair can spoil not only poor-quality paint, but also ill-chosen shampoo. For example, shampoos «for all types of hair» not only do not contain caring hair agents, but also can «wash» the vital natural force of the hair. And dandruff shampoos contain active substances that adversely affect colored hair: the color is quickly washed away and dull. Those or other hair problems are familiar to each woman. Someone tries to solve them on their own, trusting in advertising or turning to «grandmother» methods, and someone passes special salon procedures for hair care. The promise that in the beauty salon you, at least, do not spoil your hair, are not always fulfilled. Even a good wizard may be wrong. But only a good master, unlike you, always knows how to fix a mistake. If you yourself experimented with hair color and now hated the whole world, then in a beauty salon, experts will help you get rid of the unwanted color with the help of demakians and restore damaged hair using professional cosmetics.