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I mention a lot and often in my articles on the use of essential oils, but a separate article on essential oils for hair has not yet been bothered to write. Fix it) In this article you can read about the wonderful properties of essential oils for hair.

Many mistakenly believe that essential oils are added to cosmetic products only for the sake of aroma. In fact, they contain huge power, and they are capable of many things — to normalize the fatness of the scalp, to strengthen the hair, to accelerate the growth of hair, to give them shine and elasticity. At the same time, they are very pleasing to use thanks to their aromas! And the mixing of essential oils gives an opportunity to feel the true creator of new, unique flavors).

Essential hair oils should only be selected depending on the desired effect. At the same time, although they sometimes are divided into «oils for greasy hair», «oils for normal hair» and «oils for dry hair», I can confidently say that they are universal. If you have fat hair and you use oil «for dry hair», hair in no case will not become greasier. Oils naturally regulate the fatness of the scalp, without drying it up and not contributing to the excessive release of each fat. So «greasy oils» and «dry hair oils» are just labels that I never pay attention to when selecting essential oils. As they write on this site: OilDiffuserZone Blog

It is much more important when selecting essential oils to pay attention to its aroma. The body itself will tell you whether this oil is suitable for you — if you breathe a fragrance you will definitely feel the reaction of the body — «yes» or «no». It is very important that you like the flavor — then the effect on the hair will be even stronger.
essential oils
I will sort the essential oils according to the effect they produce on our hair. Dosage for using essential oils for hair: 1-4 drops in a mask for hair, 1-2 drops in a shampoo and 2-7 drops in rinses (if the rinse aid is purchased — 2 drops, if the rinse aid is water with apple vinegar or decoction of herbs — up to 7 drops). You can use essential oils at least every day. Regularity is a guarantee of the beauty of your hair!)

In pure form (separate from base oils, masks for hair, shampoos and balms) it is impossible to use — it can lead to burning, peeling of skin, itching, because essential oils are a very strong, concentrated agent.

Essential oils for hair growth:
essential oil of cinnamon
Cinnamon essential oil should be used with great care as it has a warming effect. If overused with it, it will cause severe burning of the scalp. I recommend to add it only in oil masks for hair in the amount of 1-2 drops (base oil helps to neutralize excessive burning). In the shampoo and balsam em It is better not to add cinnamon. With the correct application of EMS Cinnamon contributes to the flow of blood to the hair bulbs, and thus accelerates the growth of hair. And what a wonderful flavor!…

essential oil of cloves
essential oil of juniper

Em cloves and juniper also have a warming effect, so when using them, it's worth being as cautious as using eM. cinnamon

Rosemary essential oil
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

Essential oils of rosemary and ylang ylang are some of my hair's most beloved oils. They can be added calmly to any masks, shampoos and rinses. They not only accelerate the growth of hair, but also give them a shine and strength, help to fight with secretive tips. It is possible even in the evening to drop a pair of drops of one of these oils on a comb and to comb hair for minutes 15 — it will be very useful.

Bergamot Essential Oil
Melissa essential oil
essential oil of fir
essential oil of cedar
essential oil of mint
essential oil of pine

Wonderful essential oils, with pleasant aromas. Prevent hair loss. It is not possible to use in pure form, but in composition of any masks it is possible. It is possible to add shampoos and rinses, it is possible to mix.